Forum Friday #2: Gearhead News from Across the Web

We’re getting off to a rough start with this series, but we still believe in it and are pressing forward. Here’s three discussion threads we found interesting this week. Hope you enjoy checking them out. 

image: Nathan Woods, NextStepDesigns

Expedition Portal: Camping on the Edge of the Grand Canyon
As I’ve recently purchased a 4WD vehicle and am getting familiar with various technical resources and communities, one of the new (to me) sites I’ve spent a lot of time on lately has been ExPo. This thread features a number of off-roaders sharing tips and ideas for driving right up to the edge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona to camp.

I live in Arizona and have been to the Canyon before. Let me tell you – the park experience is nothing like this.

image: SoCalC55

MBWorld: My Buttonwillow Track Day
For many of us, the only time we see big, black Benzos doing any kind of performance driving is when one of a small handful of British gents toss them around their “test track” in Surrey. MBWorld member SoCalC55 recently took his 2006 C55 AMG out and put 100+ miles on it in anger.

The big, black Benz looks right at home on the race track, doesn’t it?

image: blitz_714

ClubLexus: Socal Sunday ISF Meet
On the last Sunday of February, 16 Lexus IS-F owners met up in southern California to hang out, talk shop, and do a little cruising. Considering most Lexus customers practice the relentless pursuit of posh luxury, you just don’t see very many IS-F models, let alone this many of them altogether at once. They must have sounded incredible rolling out.

Gearheads United!

  •  What’s the most remote place you’ve ever been in a vehicle? Got pictures?
  • How many members are there in your local group? How often do you cruise together?

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