Rally Will NOT Make You Rich

You will never get rich rallying. Here’s the deal. Even if you grew up karting in Europe and somehow managed to score a ride with a manufacturer, the number of WRC seats available seems to get smaller every year. The vast majority of rallyists do it for fun. Cash prizes are the exception – not the rule – and they’re seldom enough to cover entry to the event where they were earned, let alone recoup all the costs in getting there.  Continue reading →


Rally is More Than Driving Fast

I know, I know. Rally is about driving fast. 10 years fairly immersed in the sport has shown me it’s about so much more, though. It’s about control. Vehicle control. Self control. We rally fans sometimes point out that, while a Formula 1 driver might see a corner 50 or 60 times in a race, a rally driver is likely to see 50 or 60 corners just once. What’s more, the rally driver has only the verbal instructions of his co-driver as a basis for proper setup into each corner.  Continue reading →