Rally is Expensive

Knowing how to work on our own vehicles saves us considerable amounts of money. This is huge, because knowing how to work on our own vehicles usually means we’re spending the money we save (and then some) on improving them. And, as anyone who’s ever built a legitimate race car will tell you, playing by the rules gets expensive quickly.

We’re all familiar with how quickly performance modifications add up to big money. What’s the saying? Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go? I know, right? For a minute, forget about any and all performance modifications to your would-be rally car. Let’s talk about getting an otherwise completely bone stock car – and complete rookie driver – ready to register for that first rally.  Continue reading →


Rally Takes a Village

You can watch thousands of hours of rally footage; fall in love with Group B over and over and over again, and be moved almost to tears by tributes to McRae, Park, and Burns. You can idolize Mäkinen, Grönholm, Sainz, and Loeb, and follow Ogier, Latvala, Hirvonen, et al., in the current point standings.

Unless you’ve ever actually volunteered at a rally, you don’t know the half of it.  Continue reading →