Life With An Old Truck

Things aren’t always so simple.

If you’ve ever blown an engine, you know it affects your confidence. Assemble the new lump in a clean room from 100% new components. It will be a while before you stop worrying about every “new” noise under the hood. That ticking noise, for example. Is it just a lifter, an exhaust leak, or a rod bearing about to let go because you weren’t hyper-vigilant enough during assembly? The irony, of course, being you bought this older machine for its relative simplicity. Things aren’t always so simple.  Continue reading →


Kevin’s Galants – 5

Kevin’s story is one I’ll be including in my little book project. In this installment, Kevin and I talk about what it means to be a gearhead. As we change our vehicles, we change, personally. Add in all the people we meet along the way, we – and our machines – change even further. I wonder, how many other gearheads share this perspective.

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