WRC is Lame & a Bonus

The last thing I’ve learned about rally over the last decade is this. WRC is lame compared to regional, clubman level rally. Seriously. I couldn’t name three current WRC drivers right now. I’m not even sure which manufacturers are still involved. Volkswagen? Ford, maybe? Once you’ve experienced regional, clubman level rally – once you’ve been involved – WRC just seems less important.  Continue reading →


Rally Will NOT Make You Rich

You will never get rich rallying. Here’s the deal. Even if you grew up karting in Europe and somehow managed to score a ride with a manufacturer, the number of WRC seats available seems to get smaller every year. The vast majority of rallyists do it for fun. Cash prizes are the exception – not the rule – and they’re seldom enough to cover entry to the event where they were earned, let alone recoup all the costs in getting there.  Continue reading →